Our Health Is Our Wealth

Research shows that as a member of BC's South Asian community, you are much more likely than other Canadians to have high blood pressure. You could have it without knowing it – you may not feel sick or be overweight – but if you do have it, you’re in danger. High blood pressure is a strong risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, and when present with diabetes, is an even more significant contributor to disability and death. So get your blood pressure checked by a health care professional soon!

This website has been created to improve the health of BC's South Asian community. Children need their parents and grandparents in their lives. Husbands and wives need each other. In order to stay healthy for many years to come, we all need to serve and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and lower-fat food. We need to use less salt. We need to walk more, and be physically active every day. And of course we need to teach our children how to grow up with healthy eating and exercise habits.

If you’re sick, you can’t work, so think of healthy living as an insurance policy that protects your income. That means exercise and play are part of your financial and life success. And when you’re healthy, you look better too. The bottom line… Our Health is Our Wealth!


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A Punjabi wedding celebration is a great opportunity to live a healthier life.

Site Dedication

The Heart and Stroke Foundation respectfully dedicates this website to the memory of Vinnie Gill, son of Amarjeet and Suman Gill.

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