The South Asian Hypertension Campaign is made possible through the generous support of BC’s Ismaili community and the Ismaili Council for British Columbia. The funds used to initiate the campaign were raised by donors, volunteers and sponsors of the Ismaili Walk held on September 25, 2011. We are grateful to the Council and all its members for their generosity and vision in helping us address the issue of South Asian cardiovascular health. 

Many others have already donated time and services to the Heart and Stroke Foundation's South Asian Hypertension Awareness Campaign, starting with those who contributed to the television commercials...

The Gill Family

Mr and Mrs Amarjeet and Suman Gill donated their beautiful home for the location of the Mehndi shoot. They also donated their time as extras at the Reception shoot, as well as giving us helpful advice and personal connections prior to filming.

The Topaz temple

Rick Purewal, President of the Khalsa Diwan Society of Victoria donated the use of the Topaz Street gurdwara and refreshments for the location of the (exterior) Ceremony shoot. He and his wife Sandy and their son Rajmen also donated their time as extras at the Reception shoot. Rick also recruited many additional extras for us for the Reception shoot.  

The Graham Street Sikh temple

Gurchuran Jit Singh Budwal donated the use of the Graham Street Sikh temple for the location of the (interior) Ceremony shoot. He and his family members Pam, Navdeep, and Harman Singh, donated their time as extras at the Reception shoot, and Gurchuran also recruited some additional extras for us. 

Accent Inns

John Espley, Manager, Accent Inn, donated two rooms for two nights, to accommodate the Vancouver cast (bride, groom, and their families).

Regent Limousine Service

Sunil Sanghera, President, Regent Limousine Service, donated a town car and driver for two hours for the (exterior) Ceremony shoot. 

Edible Arrangements

Tracy Fekete, Owner, Edible Arrangements Vancouver Island, donated an edible fruit bouquet for the (interior) Ceremony shoot. 

The Marriott Hotel

The Marriott Hotel donated the use of their ballroom for the location of the Reception shoot, and also provided us with a waiter’s jacket.  

Thanks for “epic deals and discounts” from the following suppliers:

Extras who donated their time:

Amarjit Bhalla, Armina Bains, Sahiba Bains, Manpreet Bains, Joginder Basi, Gurmit Kaur Chumber, Gurdial Singh Chumber, Manjit and Chandan Dhariwal, Gurminder Singh Dillon, Rajinder Singh Dhillon, Gurmej Dhillon, Varsha Dodd, Komal Dodd, Jas Gandhi, Shauinder Gill, Talwant Grewal, Charan Jit Gossal, Devinder Grewal, Pavit Grewal, Hardip Johal, Derek Johal, Kaitlyn Johal, Dylan Johal, Bhagat Singh Judge, Mohinder Kaur Judge, Kashmir S. Lalari, Gurdeep Lalari, Sharmila Miller, Vishal Pallan, Sunita Pallan, Manjit Parmar, Nindi Sehmi, Surindra Sehmi, Kuldeep Singh, Rajwant Singh, Amy Sharma, Amiyah Sharma, Eisha Sharma, Rishi Sharma, Gurcharn Sufi, Sohan Singh Sufi, Gulzgri Ron Toora, Gurmeet Toora

Other contributors to the commercial:

Sonia Grewal, Director/Founder, Shan-e-Punjab Dance, Heritage, and Performing Arts School, and her senior advanced dance team: Balpreet Atlas, Harkirn Bhela, Amrit Sandhu, Jasleen Dhatt, Krishna Kashyap,
Meera Kashyap, Janessa Sunder, Harman Dhillon, Lakhbir Atlas, Navjit Bhangu, Keira Dheensaw, Kamalpreet Kang, Raveena Moor, Punam Randhawa, Shabnam Chandel, Inderpreet Thandi. The dancers' talent payment will go towards their travel costs to perform at Disneyland next New Year’s
Eve. Sonia also provided lots of good advice prior to the shoot.

The Wedding Party – including Jasmine Parmar (bride), Kulbir Gill (groom), Harinder Parmar (mother of the bride), and Alphonso Franco (father of the bride). Exciting news! Kulbir and Jasmine are a couple in real life, and shortly after shooting the commercials they became engaged! They'll be married in the summer of 2013.  Congratulations and best wishes from all of us at the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Redbird Communications.

Extras -- Joginder (Joy) Sohi, Surinder Johal, Gurdev K. Dheenskaw, Jagjit Sran, Raghubans Basi, Sosna Mohammedi, Pranay Shrestha, Harminder Parmar, Disi Gill, Arvin Parmar, Massa Singh, Melissa Funge, Rebecca Thackray, Joginder Malhotra, Arpita Sahasrabudhe, Gajanan Sahasrabudhe, Charula Sahasrabudhe, Varada Sahasrabudhe, Gurbakhsh S. Dosanjh, Harjinder Sidhu, Gurneu Bofui, Narinder Saini, Yogi Saini, Marindar Dalep, Sunil Bhatia, Shashi Bhatia, Daljit Bains, Jasbir Bains, Sudarshan K. Dosanjh, Mohinder K. Bassi, Nirmal Kaur Kang, Ossie Bains, Parmajit Singh Bhalla, Rajbir S. Sidhu, Jabal Singh, Gayaandeep Singh, Harrhdeep Singh, Jasbir Singh Bains, Dalsit Bains

Videographer, Dave Wallace of Innovative Imageworks, assisted by Daniel Pender on lights and audio. 

And Redbird Communications.

Site Dedication

The Heart and Stroke Foundation respectfully dedicates this website to the memory of Vinnie Gill, son of Amarjeet and Suman Gill.

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A Punjabi wedding celebration is a great opportunity to live a healthier life.

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