Here's how HSF is working in the community for better health!

The last time Dalip Sing Bedhi went to his Gurdwara he met Ramneet Kooner and her team of South Asian Ambassadors, who were managing a Heart and Stroke blood pressure clinic.

“Ramneet was talking about healthy blood pressure, explaining: do this, eat this, exercise, and see the doctor if you have high blood pressure. She had everyone convinced,” said Dalip.

Dalip was the first person to have his blood pressure taken, and knows firsthand the importance of doing so regularly. Several years ago, Dalip discovered that he had high blood pressure, and has been managing it with medication ever since.

“I liked the way Ramneet was explaining, helping people who don’t understand English and using Punjabi materials,” said Dalip. And so, he sat by Ramneet and her team for the rest of the day, volunteering and helping them hand out materials.

Research shows that South Asians have some of the highest rates of hypertension, one of the leading risk factors for stroke and heart disease, and South Asian men are twice as likely to have a heart attack as Caucasian men.

That’s why the Heart and Stroke Foundation has launched a hypertension awareness and prevention campaign to reach the South Asian community. Through, tv and radio ads, and community outreach activities at Gurdwaras throughout the Lower Mainland, the Foundation is sharing the critical knowledge needed to prevent and manage this leading cause of death.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the work they’re doing: helping the people at my Gurdwara care for their blood pressure and live a healthier life.”

—Dalip Sing Bedhi

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